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  • 4 High Type Straightening Machine
4 High Type Straightening Machine

Machine Introduction :

1.The machine employs three structure , 2-high,4-high,6-high and can be matched with multi-group support rolls.

2.Straightening roll material: 42CrMo, GCr15, 9CrSi and 9Cr2Mo is available for selection.

3.Straightening roll treatment: stress relief by quenching and tempering, quenching (HRC54, HRC60), hard plating treatment for cold plate, stainless steel plate and leveling roll surface.

4.Reducer: ZQ standard reducer, ZY reducer and TR reducer with hard tooth surface is available for selection.

5.Distribution box: self-made; it employs one-stage drive and two-stage distribution structure, and its gear is the 20CrMnTi penetration gear.

6.Universal connecting shaft: automobile universal shaft and universal roll for the metallurgical industry.

7.Adjustment methods: manual and electrical adjustment.

8.Lubrication methods: mainly focus on lubrication operated by manual or electric pump.

9.Applications: applicable for general leveling for carbon steel plate, stainless steel plate.

10.We can design and produce for special requirements. 

Optional Specifications:

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